The Universal Health Service Organization

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The Universal Health Service Organization is one the major organization that services all health maintenance organizations that provide wellness care services. My report on Universal Health Service an organization will provide information on the financial portion of health care service. The challenge today is to improve financial within the wellness care system to more efficiency in the time to do.
The Financial Statement Review
Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) has been the publicly held United States dependent traded specialty healthcare company. This involves the assisted of the public by hospitals. Most of these companies are owned and operates by acute care hospitals, behavioral health centers, surgical hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers as well as radiation oncology centers.
This shows the vast range of the services like general surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics, emergency room care, radiology, oncology, diagnostic care, coronary care, pediatric services along with behavioral health services. According to United Health Service (2015), organizations ' offices have been turned up in the South Carolina, Nevada, Texas and Pennsylvania, along with Wyoming. According to United Health Service (2015), the organization has subsidiary Medi-Partenaires Group situated in the France. Universal Health Services has been headquartered in the King of Prussia, United States.
Accounting aspects have been several in amounts. They lay out ground rules for succeeding in
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