The University Of Notre Dame's Undergraduate Usage Of St. Liam's Health Center

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The purpose of this project was to examine the University of Notre Dame’s undergraduate usage of St. Liam’s health center. Five questions were proposed to collect data on specific areas to gain an understanding of how often and why undergraduate students seek out St. Liam’s services. We believe that St. Liam’s is underutilized and hypothesized that not many undergraduates use the services provide. Furthermore, we suspect that factors such as stress and grades (GPA) affect a student’s health, which would prompt them to visit and use St. Liam’s health center. One of the target questions focused on St. Liam’s mental health and counseling services. We aim to determine what type of mental health issue increases the number of times undergraduates students visited St. Liam’s for mental health/counseling services. Our results indicated that there is a relationship between the student 's type of issue and the number of visits to St. Liam’s. From this, we can draw from the raw data that the issue most prevalent in causing students to seek out counseling is mental illness such as depression and bipolar disorder, with stress being the third most prominent cause. However, majority of the students reported having no issue, but this did not affect the number of visits these students made to St. Liam’s. An equal number of students reporting no issue made a different amount of trips to St. Liam’s for mental health services, implying that most students are just as likely to use St. Liam’s.

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