The University Of Tennessee Ads The Ads Are 30 Seconds

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The University of Tennessee ads the ads are 30 seconds long, the first ads start off with students heading to class and the big city of Tennessee. The ads show a group of girls talking in a dorm room, student hanging out on the lawn building good friendship with their fellow student. A clip shows a University of Tennessee game seems their team won a game, everyone is wearing orange and white. A group of boys heading to the old building seems like it their dorm room. There is a young girl in the lab, she mostly working on a project. The last clip shows student hanging out after hours in the city. The second ads start off with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville “Big Orange UT Big Ideas” with a professor in class at a broad teaching. This…show more content…
The university help student reach their goal by discover their talents, leaderships, drive through their goal, have spirit in themselves, volunteer and have pride. One of the ads illustrations that they have a good science by having a young female student in lab which she seems excited to do with she loves. While attending University of Tennessee students build friendship with their fellow students. Student become friends with all different type of ethnicity. Which in the ads there are more female have interactions then the male from the young lady talking in the dorm and young lady talking at the table. The male has a few interactions with each other but closer to the end there were more male. Students building friendship to the end even after they graduate. The university also build relationship with the community. The university get involved with the community by working with the with the youth. University believe the youth is the future by getting involved tell the young children that University of Tennessee is for them. The school can pass the torch to them by doing that can help the university thrive. Also, students getting involved can provide that they care about their community. The students show some leadership with the youth in community. They show that no child is left behind, everyone is welcome to University of Tennessee. Volunteer give pride in their school. The students can discover what is new around them
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