The Pros And Cons Of Feminism

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The unjust treatment between women and men continues in society. The continuation of the battle between the sexes remains an issue. The battle of the sexes depicts women as the weaker sex. Women are portrayed as delicate and fragile beings; men are portrayed as dominant powerful beings. There is an ongoing injustice through gender roles and inequality socially, politically, and economically compared to men. The constant battle oppresses females through misogyny and patriarchy. Feminism is not obsolete, but highly necessary in present day lives. As sexism continues, feminism remains essential for the greater good. Feminism should continue being advocated to continue the advancement in women’s equality through reforming gender-based …show more content…

As they continue to grow up, certain characteristics are attached with being female or male and they are required to fit into these gender roles. There is a misconception that feminism is the belief that females are better than men while that is not the case. Feminism demolishes the stereotypes in gender roles. It teaches that all sexes are equal and capable of doing just as much as the other sex. The teachings in feminism do not oppose males or masculinity but do not support femininity either. Feminism is for the advancement in equality and not for a particular gender. Even though critics say that feminism undermines traditional female roles, it allows individuals to show their strengths and talents and not be forced into prescribed gender roles. Lastly, feminism does not promote a gender bias in favor of women but opposes sexist beliefs on both sides of the spectrum. As gender roles continue media also oppresses women through over sexualization and creates an unrealistic portrayal of beauty standards. Women continue to be exploited through advertisement, television shows, movies and especially the internet. Media exploits women by creating messages that depict women as sexual objects. Media pressures women into obsessing over the frame of their bodies and to look a certain way even though the computer-generated images do not resemble the

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