The Use Of Breath Testing On The Management Of Cancer Patients

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With the ceaseless quest in health research for improved outcomes in the management of cancer patients, novel approaches to screening, diagnosis, and treatment are highly sought after. In particular, effective and relatively low cost screening tests may play an invaluable role in reducing patient mortality resulting from diagnosis early in the disease process which is crucial for proactive measures and successful therapy. However, it is critical to remain mindful of the risk of harm related to false positive findings, over-diagnosis, and unnecessary invasive testing. Some promising recent developments in this area of research have suggested that the use of breath testing may yield substantial benefit for determining the presence of disease states (Hassanein et al., 2015). Since any changes in homeostatic balance can alter the measurable levels of human biomarkers, the components of breath exhalations may be useful diagnostic indicators for various diseases and metabolic disorders. Breath’s rich mixture of components contains numerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) whose presence in trace amounts may be helpful in determining an individual’s health status. Despite the presence of these myriad VOSs, the composition of breath matrix is considerably less complex than blood or other bodily fluids. Analysis of these VOCs released from the body may be a noninvasive, painless, and easy diagnostic tool. Thus, breath analysis may prove especially useful for clinical screening

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