The Use Of Mobile Devices On The Current Generation From 2014-2016 Essay

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A Deceiving Organizational Tool The use of mobile devices in the current generation from 2014-2016 in Secondary Students have become associated with a health risk, an addiction which affects them physically, and psychologically. Contrary to the beliefs that mobile devices encourage interaction between students and integrate education, many are becoming either addicted or mentally incapable to engage outside of their technology (Vorderer et al., 2016). Research shows that the time spent by students on their devices relates to changes in the activity of the brain negatively (Swingle, 2016). Despite the fact the health risk has been associated with cellular devices, students choose to ignore them as society makes devices essential for everyday life. If so, how do the health risks impact students through the long term? Is it, the health risk from mobile devices is so insignificant that students are oblivious to them? In this paper, I will argue the risk of addiction associated with the use of mobile devices and how this is limiting/modifying students’ lives in subsequent time. Though I agree that cellular devices are a very important organizational tool, I still support that students can efficiently limit their device use; to sustain a healthy lifestyle. This issue is important because it warrants secondary students on the negative impacts they face, like addiction; through cellular devices Addiction is a strong or the harmful need to have or do something regularly that

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