The Use Of Technology Of Novice High English Learners

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The use of technology of novice high English learners Introduction The aim of this study is to investigate the role that technology plays in the learning of English for novice high learners. Technology has transformed the way people conduct their lives in many ways, and this includes the way people learn (Salaberry, 2001). Nowadays, many universities offer online language courses, social platforms offer free language lessons and explanations for users all around the world, and it is easier than ever to learn a new language with the use of technology. Language learners can have the freedom to learn at their own pace, at the desired time and with the technology tools that suit them the best. One of the positive aspects of using technology, for language learning, is certainly the fact that learners and users have the power to identify and decide to use what works for them. For these reasons, it is pivotal to investigate how language learners use technology to improve their own language skills, and how these technology tools are perceived by learners. It is also relevant to understand what motivates learners to use such tools, so that future learners can spend less effort in deciding what technology tool to use, if any, when choosing to learn a new language. Salaberry (2001) widely investigated how technological resources for second language learning and teaching have evolved during a vast period of time. This extensive review of the use of technology tools suggests that the
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