The Utah Symphony And Utah Opera Essay

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Introduction This memo will examine the possible merger that the Utah Symphony (“the Symphony”) and the Utah Opera (“the Opera”) have recently announced under the leadership of Scott Parker, the chairman of the board of the Utah Symphony. By examining the organizational, cultural, and communicative results of the merger this memo will highlight the costs and benefits of partaking in this merger using the given information to make a final conclusion to help you decide the best course of action for the Utah Opera moving forward. Issue for Analysis Mergers like the one proposed have had both positive and negative results for other arts companies in the past, based on their specific region and composition. Whether or not the merger will be beneficial the Utah Symphony and the Utah Opera will be based on if their individual cultures and structures are conducive to each other, an issue subject to my analysis. If the following aspects are not addressed, in my opinion, this merger will not be successful and will be detrimental to both organizations. Analysis of Current Situation When looking at the merits it 's important to completely understand all the differences between the two companies that need to be hurdled as well as any similarities that can be used to make the merger as seamless as possible. The Utah Symphony and the Utah Opera are to very different structurally and culturally, so it is important to analyze the pre-merger and post-merger condition from the organizational
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