The Valley Hills Winery Map

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Grand Valley The grand Valley Ava is one of the many American Viticulture Areas located in Colorado in the area of Mesa County. It is in the area of Grand Junction and Palisadse and it is defined as being an agricultural area that is served by many canals located in the Colorado River. The AVA of grand Valley encompasses over 32,000 acres with a climate of high dessert that varies from time to time in temperature from being either cold climate or hot climate. Wine Processing began in the area of grand Valley as early as the 19th century. Most of the grape production is in the area grand Valley and many wineries are located in this area. “Colorado Grand Valley Winery Map. Wine web Solutions. 2015”

The Variety of grapes planted
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You are required to have such information when applying for an AvA and required to use USGS maps to describe and depict your boundaries. Once your AVA is established, at least 85 percent of the grapes used to make a wine must be grown in the specified area if an Ava is referenced on its label. “Alcohol and Tobacco tax and Trade Bureau. Labeling. U.S. Department of Treasury.”

The appellation of Colorado vineyards itself are by far the highest elevation in the U.S. and the entire world. In the grand Valley, most grapes grow around 4,500 feet. Vineyards in Colorado are nestled in temperature, high elevation river valleys, and mesas in Mesa and Delta Counties, with some acreage in Montezuma County. The largest producers of wine are in the areas of Palisade and Grand Junction where grand valley is located which produce 85-95 percent of the state’s grapes. Grand Valley has a unique microclimate and terrain and the land has hot and dry days with a good amount of sunshine with night temperatures dropping rapidly which allows the grapes to maintain a high acidity level which is essential top high wine production. The winter temperatures are quite mild and above the freezing mark. Grand Valley AVA. Wow. July 2014; (4)” Grand Valley AVA is located in the greater part of Mesa County Colorado and surrounds Grand Junction. It is an agricultural area that has canals in the Colorado River. It
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