The Value Of Complaints At An Organization Essay

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The Value of Complaints A complaint is an “expression of dissatisfaction made to or about an organization, related to its products, services, staff or the handling of a complaint, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected or legally required”. (OAG, 2016) Questions Question 1: Conveying Complaints As a CRM representative, how do you convey the value of customer complaints to your organization? Some firms believe that complaints reflect negatively on the employee, the manager or the company and therefore may discourage staff from recording or being open to complaints? As a CRM representative, the purpose of conveying the value of customers complaints to your organization is to promote and develop a commitment from all employees, at all levels of the organization, to value insights into how to improve their business, products, and overall customer experience. Also, clarifying how companies find that effectively handling customers with problems is critical to their reputations as well as their bottom lines. Research has shown that customers that have complaints that are resolved quickly and are satisfied with the way their complaint is handled, they are more likely to purchase another product or service from the same company. As a matter of fact, they often turn into loyal customers and will likely share their good experiences with three friends. (Shaw, 2012) Sadly, blaming or shaming employees into keeping quiet about customer complaints has a

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