The Vision And Vision Statement Of Visio Distell

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Introduction Corporate strategy is defined as the overall scope and direction of an organisation and the way in which its various operations work together to achieve particular objective. An organisation’s objectives can only be achieved if the vision and mission statement is realistic and the strategy is implemented. 1. 1.1 The vision statement of Distell in terms of characteristics A vision statement is a statement that articulates the ideal description of the organisation, it can also be described as a picture of what the company wants to become and what it really wants to achieve. A vision statement goes beyond just planning and strategy by challenging the status quo in pursuit of a long-term goal. It is a top management leadership tool, often ascribed to a single visionary leader in most cases the CEO of the company. A vision statement can serve as a guide to an organisation by providing direction of progress and by indicating the core purpose. Vision involves answering question about an organisation’s identity such as who you are, where you are going and what your guiding values are and for a vision to become a reality it must be communicated and lived. According to Lynch (2006:9) a …show more content…

Distell’s mission statement is “we are proud African alcoholic beverages company with heritage,global reach,world-class people and the ability to do extraordinary things”.when developing a vision there are three basic approaches that used which are intuitive approach which is based on structured introspection and the resultant visions can differ according to leadership styles and difference in leaders.The second approach is the analytical approach which focus on gathering information from various individuals about the direction of the organisation and it requires strong leadership in the process and the promotion and support of that vision.The third approach is the benchmark approach which looks to the competition for standards and creates a vision based on subsequent

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