Vision And Mission Statements Provide Information About The Organization

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Vision and mission statements provide information about the organization. They appear in strategic and operational plans. How do you define vision and mission statements? How should they be developed and used?

The mission of a company is considered to be its purpose. Basically, it should include what you will provide, who you will serve and also highlight your key attributes that should distinguish your organization from your competitors. There are no specific rules to develop a mission statement, what really matters is that should be a reflection and a helpful synopsis of the organization as well as it should speak to your stakeholders. Some characteristics that makes a mission statement successful is when it is succinct and can be printed in the back of a business card, when it is memorable and unique. Lastly it ought to be realistic and current, for instance, the mission should be a description of the present and not the future as well as it can not change constantly, in this case, when the firm changes its priorities, it is necessary to think if the new directions will affect its mission. Vision is defined as the image that the organization aspire to became in the future. In order to develop a vision, it is important to ask how will the corporation look like “x” years from now if they accomplish their objectives? Thus, this vision will essentially set directions for the organization. There are some useful principles that makes a great vision such as, it should

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