The Voice Of Al Nadaha

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Al Nadaha in Arabic literally means ‘The Caller’. She is said to be a stunningly beautiful woman who appears by the shores of the Nile in the dark, she’s described as tall and beautiful with long dark hair flowing her back, she wears a long white or transparent dress. She has an alluring soft voice that hypnotizes whoever she decides to call and make them unable to resist her charm so they follow her to the river where they would meet their dreadful fate.
It’s said that Al Nadaha only calls for men by their first name, her voice is soft but the call is still loud and clear with sad melodic tone. A man who is called by Al Nadaha usually gets killed, and his body would be found floating on the water the next day, while others disappear into …show more content…

Those who encountered Al Nadaha and lived to tell the story says that once they heard her voice, they covered their ears quickly and ran for their lives before they could take a glimpse of her or they would have been dead meat.
Al Nadaha is one of the famous urban legends and mythologies in Egypt, but there are other creatures in different folklores which are not significantly different from Al Nadaha.
Aisha Qandisha: She’s a malicious cannibal water creature in the folklore of Morocco. Same as Al Nadaha, she’s described as a beautiful woman who lurks on the banks of the river waiting for any lone man to lure, she then will reveal her true shape and consume him under the water.
La Llorona: Meaning the weeping woman in the Mexican folklore. She’s witnessed roaming cities or near riverbanks on moonlit nights, dressed in white, sometimes she’s heard, not seen. Something in her weeping and wailing terrifies, spooks and unnerves those who encounter her, she’s also described as being magnetically

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