The Women Of Brewster Place Analysis

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Gloria Naylor’s powerful novel, The Women of Brewster Place, consists of many characters and many great themes, though, only one character in particular sticks out the most: Mattie Michael. Since the longest individual chapter focuses on her, readers get a glimpse at Mattie’s life, struggles, and how she got to the unit known as Brewster Place. With her constant recurrence throughout the novel, readers come to understand her importance as she is the strong-willed, backbone, and main ebony phoenix of Brewster. Mattie Michael grew up in Tennessee with her family and the father of her child, Butch Fuller. Everyone tells her to avoid him, including Butch himself who warns her saying, “eating cane is like living life. You gotta know when to stop chewing– when to stop trying to wrench every last bit of sweetness out of a wedge…. trick is to spit it out when the wedge is still firm… It’s hard, but you gotta spit it out right then, or you gonna find yourself chewing on nothin’ but straw in that last round” (18). Butch clearly tells her about how he he lives his life, and his issue with staying, yet, Mattie makes the mistake of getting herself involved which leads to her being impregnated by him. This results in her father savagely beating her to the point where she has to flee to Chicago and start her life alone raising her son. Though, Mattie gets through all of this and finds herself in the grace of Ms. Eva who shelters her. Then, after getting the house after Ms. Eva’s death,

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