The Women Suffrage Movement : Susan B. Anthony

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The women suffrage movement officially started in the late 1840’s and officially got ratified in the 1920’s. The movement was founded by three women which included Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Lucy Stone. The first recorded event for the movement was a convention that was coordinated together Elizabeth and Lucretia during July of 1848 (Dorr 43). The goal of this convention was for women to have equal rights as men and “declare war on the whole status of women” (Dorr 39). Kraditor makes a statement that in 1869 the women suffrage movement split into two separate groups known as the National Woman Suffrage Association and the American Woman Suffrage Association (4). During the 1890, the two groups came together to form the …show more content…

Stanton and Mrs. Mott put together the women convention of 1848. Mrs. Stanton gave a speech and gave a list of what roles women had to give an emphasized that women are just more than a wife or a citizen, but that she was a human being just like everyone else. In each statement that she gave she made it noted that every example is equal to men. Within Sisters by Jean Baker, she made a statement saying that “they need to deploy their ‘biggest gun’ who, most agreed was Elizabeth Cady Stanton…” (64). Just by this statement you can make an image of how big of a player Elizabeth was for the organization and how important she was to the followers of the movement. Lucy Stone was one of the last main founders of the Women Suffrage Movement and one of the founders for one of the branches of the movement after they separated in 1869. Throughout the movement, Lucy Stone was probably one of the most vital person to the movement. On page 266 of Women Suffrage Movement, by Aileen Kraditor, she makes a statement that she was an amazing speaker that traveled from town to town talking on issues about abolition, temperance or women suffrage. Mrs. Stone worked to make sure everyone had an understanding how important this issue with women but not just them also the men. Mrs. Stone died in 1893, but before she passed, she made it a mission to write in every

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