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A close analysis of this Sketchers ad that appeared in several women’s health magazines in 2005 shows how thriving pathos can be used to persuade audiences into purchasing products. The ad demonstrates the way advertisers use ads to generate emotions that create audiences to feel that they require a certain product in their lives. This ad displays sexual content to sell athletic shoes to women ages from mid-teens to yearly thirties. Although the ad was originally displayed in a women’s magazine it indicates that if a man were to purchase the product he will be rewarded with a beautiful such as the woman shown in the ad. Therefore, the ad also reaches out to male audiences and perhaps was publicized in a male based magazine as well. In this …show more content…

Because the main audience for this ad is women who are younger that ad appeals to them by presenting the models in a way that symbolizes sexual power and confidence they would like to obtain. The models are equally attractive and are the same age as the anticipated audience. The ad vividly depicts a woman dressed provocatively wearing a bikini top with a short skirt proving that she is confident in her sexuality. The woman is not wearing the product she is wearing a high heel boot which is thought to be sexier as well more expensive than a tennis shoe which the male is wearing; therefore, the woman may be shown to have more power finically. By creating the thought of sexual and financial confidence women are drawn further into the ad and what it is offering. The woman is on top of the man clearly showing him who is in charge. The image of the woman on top of the man symbolizes power she is literally above him and dominating him in everyway. By creating the symbol of sexual power through the use of vivid presentation the specific female audience is persuaded that if she buys a pair of sketchers she can become confident in her sexuality as well as more sexually dominating. Symbols also play a large role in creating this feeling.
In the ad there is a significant amount of symbolizing that convinces both female and male audience with the emotion of envy. Not only is the woman in the top position but she is also wielding a leather whip which symbolizes the idea that

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