The Work Force, By Sheryl Sandberg Essay

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Regardless if she is a housewife or a woman who works a 9-5, she is still under the dominance of a man when it comes to the term “work.” At home, she is the caregiver but he is the bread provider. In the work force, she is the assistant and he is the one calling all the shots. If she is fortunate enough to hold a high ranked position, it is almost evident that she does not have the same voice as a man that holds the same position. Unfortunately, this is the reality for most women, but some women have broken through these boundaries and excelled in the high ranked position in the work force. One woman in particular is Sheryl Sandberg. She the current CEO of Facebook and a mother to a little boy and girl. With a higher view on this, Sandberg recognizes the issues of the wage gap, gendered division of labor, social comparable worth, and second shift in her book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, and her TedTalk and advises women to advocate for themselves in order to achieve equality the workplace.
One of the first issues Sandberg addresses is the glass ceiling. Glass ceiling is this unacknowledged barrier that prevents advancement in a profession. Shining some light on this issue, Sandberg shares with the crowd a moment of embarrassment she experienced after one of her presentations. While presenting to an audience, see allows the crowd to ask two questions before she proceeds with her presentation. Sandberg did not realize that she answered more than two

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