The Work Of Cloisonne And Metalwork

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It is a work of cloisonne and metalwork, a technique in which strips of gold are set on edge to form small cells. The cells are then filled with a colored enamel glass paste and fitted with thin slices of semiprecious stone. Throughout the early Middle ages, this style was imitated in manuscripts, stone sculpture, church masonry, and wood sculpture. I can tell by the gold hinges.
This artist used color, filling the cells with colored enamel glass.
It is realistic. It is a mix of many styles.
At the top of the purse cover shown here, two hexagons flank a central motif of animal interlace. Two pairs of animals and birds, facing each other. On each side of the design, a male figure stands between two animals.
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There are not really a meaning to what the symbols mean. The little details of how each item was shaped Vs. the shape of the metalwork.
The Sutton Hoo, is contained with gold chains. The cells are filled with colored enamel glass. In the design, male figures stand between two animals . The animal style, was used in jewelry design throughout the Germanic and Scandinavian. The creatures are perhaps symbolizing strength and courage. The qualities must’ve possessed the leader of men
The questions that I would ask the author
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