The World Display Jewelry : A Girl Walking Down The Street

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There is a girl walking down the street, her hair is dyed a vibrant red, a plastic piercing sticks out of her lip and bangle bracelets jingle all the way up her arm. Across the street, a woman walks with high heels and a fox wrap an elegant silver evening gown drapes off her body. In her ears are shiny diamond studs, princess cut, and on her fourth finger is a two carat diamond, gold bracelets adorn each wrist. She appears much safer than the teenager. The man accompanying her keeps a possessive arm around her waist, his watch glistens in the street lights, and the cuff links add a sense of purpose to his whole outfit, obviously a lawyer. The clothing and hair helped stereotype the people, but the jewelry they were wearing said far …show more content…

Using the artifacts, tribal gender relations among the Zulu were easily seen (Pendergast). The Africans were not the only to prefer glass beads. Outside of Europe they were extremely rare, but a robber would always take the gold and never the beads making them easier to transport. The Dutch bought Manhattan from the Native Americans using glass beads, because they were convinced of the value in them (Raden).
The Mayans did not use glass beads, but rather used their game completely. Unlike the Incas and the Aztecs the Mayans were not great metal workers but stuck with organic materials: shells, wood, stones, claws, feathers, etc. Warriors would use the crocodile teeth to make sure all who met them understood they were fabulous. Women and children had far simpler jewelry but made of the same materials (Pendergast).
The nontraditional jewelry is important, but metal jewelry is far more intriguing. As the quote from Grant said above the two main materials are silver and gold, but entering the 1900’s platinum also became used. Gold has been seen all over the world. Many silver pieces have disintegrated and tarnished over time, making it hard to know how much was actually used (Grant). Gold has always been a symbol of splendor and is malleable enough that advanced chemical process are not needed to form impressive jewelry. Unfortunately, gold also has a very low melting point (for a metal) therefore, it is easily melted down so tomb robbing

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