The World Of Social Media Sites

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There are many similarities and differences the world of social media sites. The top trending social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Twitter. All of these sites come together and out due each other with the use of Hashtag, Likes, Revines, and adding filters to photos. Instagram is a mobile social media app; Instagram can only be downloaded from the IOS market or the android market. IG short for Instagram is a way to take photos and share your moments from your phone. Instagram allows the user to post photos and video onto their home feed so friends can view and like their photo or video. To get started with Instagram all you need is a email from any platform and a password, it’s one of the most simple apps you will find. Once you have an account, you can notify your friends ' ' straight from your IG app to your friends cell photo to follow you. In all social media forms having more followers than following makes your profile stand out from the rest of the users. Another feature Instagram offer is being able to hashtag, For example, if a photo was posted with a #SFGIANTS, stores your in the #SFGIANTS photo album and now not just your friends can see your posts but now the world can. The Explore feature in the app show photo based on the people you are following, popular in the country you’re in, and based on photos you liked. Every time you open Instagram, you’ll see new photos and videos from following, you’ll have the option to like, comment, or keep
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