Greatest Female Inventors You Need To Know

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Back in the days, Technology are dominated by men. Benjamin Franklin, Alexander graham bell, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla are among the greatest technology pioneer of all time (Top 10 Greatest Inventors in History, 2011). Soon, women started inventions of their own. Nancy Johnson 's ice cream maker, Maria Telkes ' solar-powered house, Grace Hopper 's computer programming and Stephanie Kwolek 's Kevlar are among famous women inventions (10 of the World 's Greatest Female Inventors You Need to Know. (n.d.). It is generally assumed that men are more interested in technology than women are but that is not the case at all. Studies show that women are equally interested in technology but there is a very marked difference in the way they think about and relate to it (Gender and Technology, 2011). I think men are more interested on technical specifications and how a technology works. Women are more interested on how to use a technology and the benefits that comes from using it. When I talked to my male co worker about cars, they would jump right away into conversations by saying how many cylinders does the engine has, the type of valves, turbo or supercharge etc. Women would rather discuss about how they like camaro because they are fast, look sexy and cool. I 'm pretty sure this does not apply to a lot of people but at home, my wife loves to use the washing machine and the dish washer. She loves to bake too so she like to use technology such as electric mixer and

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