The 's Education Crisis : Boko Haram Targeting Schools

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Morgan Winsor in “Nigeria 's Education Crisis: Boko Haram Targeting Schools, Teachers, Students Is Devastating Africa 's Largest Economy” from International Business Times, December 2015 analyzes the aftermath of Boko Haram’s neverending actions of destroying local schools, communities, and families. Winsor’s critical observations lead into how Boko Haram’s effect on education will impact Nigeria’s– a newly industrializing country– already slowing economy. As Winsor condemns Boko Haram for its actions, she displays the victims of Boko Haram –scared young girls unable to go to school– while emphasizing the severity of the crisis in Nigeria and on its economy as communities rebuild their lives after the devastation. In her article, Winsor…show more content…
Despite Nigeria’s growing economy, the nation still has a startling percentage of citizens living in poverty. For children, the choice became easy: to survive and support their family or to get educated. Boko Haram’s radical ideals of religion’s role in society, conformed gender roles, and tradition have not only destroyed families and communities but they continually add fuel to the fire – destroying the newest generation’s only chance at a better life. The jihadist group has an infamous reputation not only to burn down schools and villages but to kidnap school children, especially girls, and educators. The most notorious event in Boko Haram’s cruel initiative against Western Education was when it captured 276 school girls, 60 of whom managed to escape now fear to return back to school as alike with many girls who have been directly affected by the group. Boko Haram, through its violence, aims to control the northeast through crippling fear and wants to clearly establish a message: it will stop at nothing to see western education abolished. Boko Haram’s effects when it declared insurgency six years ago on education is evident in Nigeria’s current economic status. Africa’s largest economy has already taken a blow from the consistent destruction of multiple schools and communities. “Education is the foundation of a society; without it, development is
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