The 's First True Love Passes Away

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In 1997, after 40 plus years of marriage, Mr. Meada’s first true love passes away. They first met in high school and became sweethearts. It was not a welcomed union by her father. He felt that Bill, being the first male in his household would be a burden to his daughter. Traditionally, the first son was to take on the responsibilities of the two households, which Bill could not afford at the time.
This paralleled the Issei and the Nisei conflicts in southern California Los Angeles. The children not wanting to follow the traditions of arranged marriage and wanting to marry for love. As stated in “City Girls” Matsumoto points out the generational disagreements on marriage: “The Issei and their children disagreed….as well as …show more content…

It was like a spectacle on the news as one would watch news of the war in Iraqi.
The black community in Los Angeles was dividing within itself. Black men and women that found work in good paying jobs started expanding into more affluent neighborhoods and became Bill’s neighbors. Similarly to Bill, they were able to send their children to better private and public schools. They moved in and around neighborhoods like Crenshaw, Northridge, Baldwin Hills, and even parts of forbidden Orange County.
“An analysis of income distribution in black Los Angeles between 1970 and 1990 revealed the polarizing effects of the decline in the low-skilled and semi-skilled employment among blacks. David M. Grant and colleagues found that between 1970 and 1990 the number of blacks in the poorest quintile and the wealthiest quintile increased significantly, while the number of blacks in the middle three quintiles decreased by as much as 30 percent.” (Sides, 202)
Latino migration was easier than that of Black Americans. White neighbors found Latinos more tolerable and considered them the “ambiguous relationship to whiteness.”1 But they too had their limitations of acceptance into the white neighborhoods. Their acceptance became predicated on the lightness of their skin and their ability

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