Theme Of Secrecy In The Heathers

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The theme of secrecy and how they follow us wherever we go is prevalent in the play “The Heathers” and it reveals itself through various ways particularly through its set design. The secrets the characters have follow them throughout the play, and this is represented by the lockers set piece. On the outside the lockers appear identical yet on the inside they each contain something that either represents the characters themselves or something that character wishes to hide. Take for example; J.D’s locker supposedly contains bullets, which could implicate him for the murders of Kurt and Ram, while Heather Chandler’s locker contains a hair scrunchie that Heather Duke uses symbolically as a way to take over Heather Chandler’s role. In every scene of the play, the lockers still appear, showing that no matter where the characters go, whether it is at home or the graveyard, their schoolyard secrets and identities follow them. The obvious reasoning behind this is due to theatrical restraints regarding sets but the idea of the lockers being an omnipresent representation of every character’s darker secrets works far better. The second example of this theme is the decision to have the actors portraying the three dead teens overseeing the events of the play from above and providing commentary. In a literal sense this can be dismissed as merely another form of dark comedy; having the murder victims make fun of their killers. I believe that the decision to have the dead

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