Themes In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Fear causes change. Oppression causes change. But oppression to the point of death? That changes a person dramatically. During the Holocaust, many people were oppressed and killed. In Night by Elie Wiesel, Elie tells the story of a survivor (himself) that went through the Holocaust and changed. Before Elie went to the concentration camp, he had many good character traits. He was caring, curious, and compassionate. For example, “And Moise the Beetle, the poorest of the poor in Sighet, spoke to me for hours and hours about Kabbalah revelations and its mysteries.” (Wiesel 5) He showed compassion for the poorest person in the town. When Moise is expelled from the town and comes back telling the horrors of what he experienced, Elie is the only one that believes him and shows care for him. Even later in the book, he shows care and compassion for his father. “‘They're exhausted… exhausted…’ [his father said] His voice was tender. I howled into the wind: ‘They're dead! They will never wake up! Never! Do you understand?’” (Wiesel 105) Here, Elie’s father is giving up, and trying to lay down and die, staring at the people who are dead. Elie keeps pushing him because he wants to stay alive and survive. This shows the immense amount of care that he has for someone that is even suicidal. he hates anyone that will cause any type of harm to his loved ones. For example, “I had no strength left. The journey had just begun and I already felt so weak… ‘Faster! Faster! Move, you lazy
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