Theoretical Framework in Nursing Process - Introduction to Theory

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Pocholo N. Isidro R.N. Philippine Women's University, Master of Arts in Nursing Theoretical Framework for Nursing Practice – Module 1 A. There are defining characteristics that determine nursing practice. Based on your clinical experience, explain the meaning of the following: 1. Nursing as a practice-oriented discipline – Nursing exists to provide nursing care for clients who experience illness, as well as for those who may experience potential health problems. When we say that nursing is a practice-oriented discipline, we simply mean that nursing has a primary mission related to practice. Its members seek knowledge of what nurses as professionals do, why they do it and when they do it. Basic understanding of various…show more content…
4. Nature of nursing as a human science. – The science underlying the discipline of nursing has shifted away from an emphasis on natural sciences, and nursing tends now to be described as a human science. Nursing as a human science is concerned with the life experiences of human beings and their meanings, with health and illness matters and their significance in their lives, as well as their experiences with dying (Meleis, 2012). Because these experiences are shaped by history, significant others, politics, social structures, gender and culture, nurses also are concerned with how these perspectives shape the actions and reactions of human beings. (Willis, Grace, Roy, 2008). It is precisely because of this concern that makes nursing a practice discipline, which in turn helps to define its perspective. Taking everything that I have discussed since the beginning of this module into consideration, I honestly believe that all examples previously given readily support the nature of nursing a human science – it is practice, health and caring oriented, focusing on the human being in its entirety rather than subdividing it into smaller systems possibly independent from each other. B. There are assumptions shared by different theorists about nursing, health, client and

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