Essay on Theoretical Matrix

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Theoretical Matrix
Oliver J. Lewis
HCS 587
April 29, 2013
Dr. Sonnia Oliva

Theoretical Matrix
This week’s studies were an examination of organizational and individual barriers to change. We learn to identify the role of strategic renewal, the behavioral aspect of organizational change, analyzed the dynamic of motivating employee behavioral change, differentiated the three faces of change, and finally explored the sources of employee resistance. A primary focus was Lewin’s Field Theory in Social Sciences and for this paper identified three theoretical organization change models.

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Appendix A: Matrix of Theoretical Models

Theoretical Model | Description of Theoretical Model | Type of health
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Perspective 1) Systems Perspective – assumption - gaining outstanding performance is directly related to interactions among and between multiple organizational elements and its external environment. Perspective 2) Alignment Perceptive – assumption – congruence among people, processes, and structure is required to be effective. Perspective 3) Participation Perspective – assumption – employee participation increases commitment to derived solutions. 4) Social Capital – assumption – build trust increases cooperation and favorable outcomes.5) Teamwork – assumption – increases commitment, coordination, creativity, and support outstanding performance. 6) Multiple Stakeholder – assumption – organization leaders’ must balance stakeholder’s expectations.7) Problem-solving – assumption – task disagreement among collaborators yields above average solutions. 8) Open Communication – assumption – candid open communication increase learning and builds trust.9) Evolution/Revolution – assumption – organizations must develop competencies to engage in incremental and fundamental change.10) Process facilitation – outsider are effective change facilitators. Congruence or fit is the key to effective Organizational Development. | A public health facility, such as a health department would be the type of organization where the Organizational Development Theory of change should offer an appropriate model for change.

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