Theoretical Orientation Reflection Paper Natasha Cartwright

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Theoretical Orientation Reflection Paper Natasha Cartwright Senior Seminar February 8, 2017 Dr. Hill Theoretical Orientation Reflection Paper Introduction In the field of social work it is essential to be aware of theoretical approaches to incorporate into the work and realize which one fits more effectively with your different perspectives of life. With a better understanding of who you are, it becomes more easier to figure out your best way of counseling; figuring out which theories you find least and most appealing helps as well. When you are rooted in a theoretical orientation that aligns with your personal values and beliefs everything aligns up well. Applying your research of theoretical orientations to your actual work creates …show more content…

These strategies open the door in me discovering my own value system and that is an important aspect in finding my own theoretical orientation. When there is a most helpful option comes a least helpful one. Three strategies I did not see helpful in finding an orientation were: capturing myself and getting real. I chose these two because they seemed more perfect for when my orientation was already selected. Capturing myself on audio or video to see if I was practicing my theory would be suitable if I had the intentions on improving my techniques and not selecting. Getting real would be the same issue; these strategies are great when I am onto the next step of using my theory. After completing the Selective Theory Sorter-Revised activity in chapter three, I received quite a shock towards my actual thought process. The schools of thought that contained the highest scores would not have been my first choices had I been given the option to choose. I scored the highest in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt and Individual Psychology. What shocked me the most was how I scored the lowest (-1) in REBT and CBT was high, but they are both under the pragmatic school of thought. I guess I thought if one subsection would be high so would the another and vice versa. It left me thinking “so which pragmatic part am I most like and not like?”, overall, I thought I was completely pragmatic. From my results, my theoretical

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