Theoretical Perspectives Essay: . Sociology Is The Scientific

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Theoretical Perspectives Essay: Sociology is the scientific study of how humans and groups behave socially and how they, as a whole, change over time. Through the examination of the scientific side of sociology, the understanding of the social world can be shown more clearly. Within the study of sociology, there are two main branches: micro and macro. Micro sociology is looking at the individual and social interaction. Macro sociology focuses beyond social interaction and seeks to examine systems as a whole (Larkin, 2015). With this basic understanding of sociology in mind, three major theoretical perspectives emerge. The first is structural functionalism. This is a macro perspective and uses different structures to make a society that…show more content…
Definition of the situation is the idea that the meaning behind any situation must be defined by the individuals who are involved. In other words, being culture specific is important because it acknowledges that objects or gestures in different cultures have different meanings and implications (Clarebaut, 2015). Structural functionalism is the sociological perspective that aligns with my view of the world. Emile Durkheim came up with the analogy of structural functionalism being compared to the human body. The human body is an organism made up of organs and systems that are separate but work together to perform as one (Clarebaut, 2015). In the same way, there are different structures that come together to make up a society that in functional. This perspective has been true for my life as well. Things such as politics, religion and family have shaped my life greatly. For example, the way my family functions is based off of what society and religion have taught us. Family has played a huge role in my life. The way that I view the world has been influenced by my upbringing and what I have learned from my parents and siblings. Education and how technology has evolved the world we live in is another great example of this perspective. As technology has improved, the way that our generation interacts has be altered and completely changed. The changes that have been made have also been affected by the
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