Theories Of Employee Retention

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Here in the United States, there has been an emerging issue that has challenged management within the workforce. That issue is simply put is employee retention. With so many at will employment options out there, fierce competition amongst business and those businesses looking to operate more efficiently with less staff, employee retention has become an issue. So we have to ask ourselves how do we combat this issue? This issue is a very complex one here in America because of the melting pot we are with cultures, beliefs, structures, restrictions, affirmative action and etc. Throughout our studies the research has shown that thriving organizations will be the ones that adopt and emplace an organizational behavior model that focuses on being…show more content…
Fourth would be how to overcome low motivation. With these factors, ideas of how to communicate the plan within the organization must be implemented. The Sheriff has hired an expert advisor in the field of “Effective law enforcement organizational planning when understaffed” to achieve the aforementioned. For the purpose of this paper let’s say that I will be this expert. One of the key factors for retention strategy and hiring of new employees goes far and beyond a competitive benefits package and salary. However the latter is very much so important and would need to be addressed. After brief study of surrounding law enforcement agencies I have come to the conclusion that MCSO is behind a little when it comes to compensation and benefits. The neighboring county of Palm Beach has a starting salary of $47,220 for law enforcement positions (Sentinel, A. R. 2014). This is approximately a full $7,000 more than MCSO’s starting salary. Not to mention the Fire Department within Martin County has a starting salary around $48,000. In my professional opinion public service is public service and both the fire department and sheriff’s office fall under this umbrella. There needs to be more parity here because it seems to be a common complaint amongst the employees of the sheriff’s office which negatively affects motivation and morale. Research suggest that employees rank recognition, flexibility and training as top priorities for prolonging
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