Theories Of Latent Learning

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Latent learning: Latent learning is the one which occurs but it is not evident in behaviour until later, when the situation for its appearance are favourable/relevant. Latent learning is said to occur without any reinforcement for particular response and seems to involve change in ways information is processed. This process can be further explained by an experiment made by Tolman in which three groups of rats were left in a maze where these groups were treated in a different way to each other in order to evaluate the end results.
Group 1- It was reinforced with some kind of reward from day one, as a result of which, it completed the maze fastly.
Group 2- No reinforcement was given to it. Hence, it did not show any sign of improvement and wandered …show more content…

The basic concept is that, learning Latin would expand our mind and the mind once stretched would remain more receptive to other new ideas.
Although, the idea of transfer of learning seems to work logically, many psychologists are doubtful about its usefulness. Apparently, pretty much depends on there being similarity at some point between two different learning experiences, It also depends on the kind of outcome that is required.
In a nutshell, what has been learnt later is somehow similar to what has been learnt in the past. It may be possible to reach the end point through different routes.
Hence a proper distinction must be made between positive and negative transfer of learning.
Positive transfer of learning is the one which occurs when the first learning experience makes the first learning experience quicker. Whereas, the negative transfer of learning is when it gets in the way of the second learning experience.
This can be tested by following model:
Experimental group- Learns A and Learns B then tested on B.
Control group- Learns B and tested on

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