Theories of Career Development

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We are often told career development is a lifelong journey which incorporates managing learning, work, leisure, and transition in order to propel us toward a desired and ever evolving future; in essence it is about change. Often times when we are at a lost for direction in our career development, we reach out to career counselors for instructions in our pursuit. Counselors now understand when assistance is rendered one must consider the economic, cultural, and social background of the individual. The intent of this essay compares theories of career development and choice.

It is most important to first acknowledge the term theory in order to better understand the mechanisms of this topic. The term itself is not to be confused with a hunch or an educated guess as theory in science is based upon a hypothesis supported by evidence; in other words it can be tested. The authors in the reading is convinced finding one’s vocation requires the basic fundamentals to be applied such as having a clear understanding of your aptitude, abilities, interest, ambitions, resources, limitations, and knowledge of their cause.

It is important to know certain traits, personalities, and self-precepts influence one’s decision making. By this, we see finding one’s vocation is more than just marching to the tune of your own drums, or simply just following one’ passion, it truly does incorporates the developed self.
Osipow’s (1973) study suggest the other broad influences in wise choices are

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