Theories of Human Nature

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The theme of this course is theories of human nature, theories of human nature is an historical scope of philosophy. Theories of human nature provides a philosophical analysis into human nature through the investigation of issues, including the mind and body, perceptions and conception, freedom and determinism, death and immortality, the relation of the human to nature and the divine, and reason and emotion (Professor Galgan, Course Syllabus). The two articles written by Dr. Galgan, “Infinity and Cosmology: an Indirect Approach” and “The Compassionate Gods of Technology” directly conform and embody the theme of this course, theories of human nature.
The theme of the first article, “Infinity and Cosmology: an Indirect Approach”, is concentrating on the issue of the relation of the human to nature and the divine, specifically through analyzing “the composition of this world, in which the measure is infinite and yet human… and by contrasting in with a world in which the measure is more-than-human and yet finite… the world of the ancients” (“Infinity and Cosmology: an Indirect Approach”). In this article the central theme attends to the notion that we can no longer live in the world of the ancients, who believed in many gods that had lived above the cosmos; “my point will be that we no longer do and can live in that world, but that the world we do try to live in, although it “works” in a pragmatic sense, does not account for itself” (“Infinity and Cosmology: an Indirect
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