Theory Of Group Development : Group Dynamics And Counseling

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Theory of Group Development
Group Dynamics and Counseling
CP 6642
Marjorie Morales

Theory of Group Development Psychotherapy is defined as a relationship marked by a goal. The benefits of group therapy can be very effective when changes require the support amongst group members (Tasca & Francis, 2014). Group psychotherapy is considered as field of clinical practice and an approach specific to the field of psychotherapy (Tasca & Francis, 2014). All group therapy is intended to relieve illnesses, worries and or troubles with the help of a qualified therapist and or leader (Campbell & Brigman, 2005). What distinguishes group therapy from other methods is the use of interaction with the group itself as an agent of change. Psychotherapeutic methods are very numerous but retain the encounter of individuals influencing each other (Campbell & Brigman, 2005). The professional expert will attempt to guide the group towards a change of perspective, a different perspective, which will lead that person to reverse its position and connect with the group in general through a series of therapeutic tools (Lepper & Mergenthaler, 2005). The Psychoanalytic Therapy Approach was created by Sigmund Freud a neuropsychiatrist of Vienna (Corey, 2013). It is the basis of psychoanalysis that has been obtained in the development of different schools of deep psychology or analytical and dynamic orientation. The same theory has influenced many other psychological therapies

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