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Theories of the field Image Repair Theory (IRT), created by William L. Benoit, evolved from the theory of apologia. The idea of apologia is that it is “natural for an attack on a person’s character to create a response from that person because when the public witnesses an attack on a person’s morality, motives or reputation, they expect a response from the accused,” (Brown, 2015, p.15). If someone takes a shot at a person’s character, people want to see what that person’s response. The way in which a person responds to a personal attack will show the public what a person’s true character is. The public will then form an opinion about the accused person, giving the person a good or bad image. Individuals place great importance on their image and reputation and when an image is threatened, people are motivated to do anything it takes to protect it. -Definition of Image Repair Theory (Benoit) -Benoits response strategies -Evaluate using LittleJohn However, Coombs (2010) and Coombs and Schmidt (2000) argued that IRT was not specifically designed for organizational crisis communication and is more geared toward the repair of an individual’s image, which led to the development of SCCT as an organizational crisis communication theoretical framework. P.25 Situational crisis communication theory- Coombs What is a Case Study? A case can consist of an individual, a group, a community, an institution, or even countries. Miller and Salkind argue, “The case study approach to

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