There Are Numerous Differences Between Workplace Writing

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There are numerous differences between workplace writing and college level essays. When writing a workplace memo, the main objective is to create an effective document designed to communicate and share relevant information to organizational members in a simplified and effective language that is detailed enough to inform and address the different needs and issues for the intended audience. When writing a college essay, the goal is to prove to the audience, usually the professor, a mastered understanding of the assigned topic of the essay. This can be done by using research to validate ideas, elaborate on the ideas presented in the essay and demonstrate a complete understanding of the subject. Workplace writing has a unique purpose, and …show more content…

However, even in workplace writing, correct grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and tone must be used accurately. Humor and slang should never be used in workplace writing because the audience may misinterpret or not comprehend the author’s meaning creating unintentional offense
Readers of business writings often skim the written memos. It is imperative that the author gets the point of the writing across without using elaborate wording and unnecessary verbiage. Typically, readers look for the main point of the memo and tend to skip over the meaningless nonsense. Therefore, it is necessary for the author to keep the memo short, sweet and to the point while maintaining the objective of the memo. In academic writing, the main purpose of the essay is to demonstrate to the audience a thorough understanding of the topic discussed and substantiate the thesis using academic evidence. Sometimes. both primary and secondary sources are needed to acquire the information crucial for the essay. More time is needed to develop these complex concepts and supporting data. An academic essay follows a structure that consists of an introduction with a thesis, a body that supports that thesis, and a conclusion. The author may use intricate sentences and lengthy paragraphs to develop the sophistication of their ideas.
Academic writing uses formal language that is not

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