Instructions for Business Writing Course

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To: Dr. know-it-all From: student x CC: a, b.c Date: 05/01/012 Re: Business writing course Dr. Know-it-all: I have recently chanced across a business writing course that will be held at Loyola university once a week between the hours of 1.30 to 5.30. It costs $1000 per session. Although I am just an internist in your company, I believe that you have sufficient trust in me to employ me some day and, therefore, I am requesting that you pay so that I complete the course. Research that I have done and people whom I have spoken to have consistently shown me the importance of business writing. It not only wins your company credibility and an aura of professionalism but may lead to enhanced reputation, more stakeholders, greater respect, and further opportunity for the company. You see, the company orbits on communication and much of the communication (at least 70% ) is done via the written format. Of that 70%, I would approximate 50% of it to be addressed to significant personnel or to involve significant affairs of the company. Even the communication that does not deal with significant matter or is not addressed to significant personnel too needs to be written effectively in order to best and succinctly communicate our point and achieve that which we need to. Business writing instruction doesn't only influence writing skills. It will help me to formulate my thoughts more analytically, succinctly, and clearly as well as, simultaneously, enhancing my oral communication
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