There Were Many Hardships Going On In Andrew Jacksons Life.

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There were many hardships going on in Andrew Jacksons life. For example, being in poverty to studying law and becoming wealthy. To leading troops and soldiers to war and working his way up on becoming President the next.
Andrew Jackson was born March 15, 1767, although the location of his birth is unknown; he himself says that he is from South Carolina, the son of Irish immigrants (History). His father had passed away three weeks after he was born. His mother, Elizabeth Jackson, died from getting cholera. He has two brothers, Hugh and Robert, whom both died; one from heatstroke and the other from a disease. Andrew had lived with family in Waxhaw, then later went to Charleston to finish school (Net). Jackson met Rachel Donelson Robards in …show more content…

One of the reasons was because when he was captured by the Britain’s they had told him to polish one of the officers boots but refused to do so, so they cut him with a saber leaving him with a few scars (History). During the War of 1812, Jackson commanded U.S. forces against the Creek Indians. After the campaign was over and they had won victory, Jackson led the American forces to defeat the British in the Battle of New Orleans which gave him title as the Hero of New Orleans. When Andrew Jackson was leading the troops back home, he had gain some respect from some of his men and the name “Old Hickory” was given to him for sharing their hardships. During the year of 1822, Jackson’s friends had nominated him for the U.S. President of 1824 upon his arrival. He had enough support that will help him go far in the election but lost against John Quincy Adams. In October of 1825, not discouraged by the loss he decided to resign from the Senate and spend the next few months campaigning instead. When the election for President of 1828 came around Jackson had succeed his win over as the Seventh President beating John Quincy Adams in this election. As the seventh president, Andrew Jackson became known as the first modern presidency. The reason being was because of his belief that a president is not only an executive but a representation of the people of the country. During this time, it was also marked as the turning point in American politics (History).

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