Thesis On Employee Branding

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The topic of my thesis is “Employer branding”. Employer branding is basically the procedure of promoting a particular company, to make a company in which people wants to work and to make that company a desired place for people, a company which wants to hire and retain their existing workers its employees. The process puts light upon the company’s ability in attracting, recruiting and keeping the existing employees – referred to keeping the most talented employees and securing the company’s business plan (2016 by Brett Minchington). This topic covers the fact that why a person wants to work in a particular company and why the current employees working in a firm or a company don’t want to leave their existing jobs in that firm and are very much proud to work in that company. My research revolves around that what are the major key factors that make an employer a brand or …show more content…

It has importance for organization who wants to search for the best industry talent. Let us understand its importance by taking a look at the initiatives that top companies from Pakistan, these companies have taken to establish themselves as strong employer brands. Branding has always been about the organization and how they manage to build its reputation. The reason that I am studying this topic “Employer Branding” is to find out the link between employer branding and how it puts it effects on the rate of retained employees in the organization the workers who are not willing to quit their jobs and are happy to work in a particular organization, further this research studies that how much employer branding has its effects of Motivation. An increased trend has been seen among the employees that they are getting more concerned about the Corporate Social Responsibility activities of the organization by looking into this topic this research is also trying to find out the link between Employer Branding and Corporate Social

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