Thinking On The Guitar Book Report

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Thinking on the Book Very Short summery of the book so far: Webb (Main Character) is a very strong and tough person, who isn’t scared of fear or pain, and can handle tough situations. He loves music, and is very good at the guitar. He lives in a hotel, and doesn't have much money, so to carry on, he plays his guitar on the streets and earns good amounts of money, because of how good he is. The story is about him wanting to go on the mountains heights. So there is a specific place he wants to go to with a plane. On the way he got in fights, he got betrayed, and in a condition, he had to go to jail. What specifically happened was that, when he was on the streets playing for money, a women gave him a $20 Bill. Then, her husband had gotten mad, and told her to stay back. Webb then told him it was okay, so the husband pushed him to the wall, and gave him a warning. Later in the airport,…show more content…
He later called a lawyer to fight for him claiming that he didn’t start the fight and was trying to defend himself (Which was true). When the lawyer asked for information and was talking about what happened, his mom, aunt, and cousins were there too. That must have been frustrating for sure! Frustrating and Good parts in the book so far: One of the frustrating parts for him must be when he went to a lawyer to get out of jail because he claimed that it wasn't his fault he fought the person at the airport. When he was talking with the lawyer, his mom, aunt, and lots of cousins were there. He must have been very frustrated and embarrassed. One of the good parts for him must have been that time when he was playing a song with his guitar on the streets, he opened up his guitar case for money. And then lots and lots of people crowded him and were dancing a singing on the tune. And one women had given him a $20 bill, which was good for him. Tho, when that women gave the $20 bill, he knew that trouble would
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