Three Elements That Related To Social Identity Theory

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Identity is a one word description of what the person is. It carries all the features of a person, the biotic and abiotic factors. People have different views of identities of each other.
Moreover, different kinds of identities can be formed by person’s way of living, interacting and writing. According to Oyserman et al. (2012), self and identity influence our motivations, our way of thinking, and how we make sense of ourselves and others. They also influence one’s behavior and attitude in different situations, and their way of dealing with problems (Oyserman et al.,2012). We share the same features and the same ethnic background as part of the same society because identity does not exist in isolation. It is who we are according to
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Some remark identity as a way of identifying individuals. Others view it as a way of identifying a group that share similar characteristics. Tajfel and Turner (1979) developed the social identity theory in order to understand the psychological basis of intergroup discrimination. Moreover, there are three elements that relate to social identity theory: 1) categorization, placing ourselves and others into categories, in terms of ; race, gender, culture, ethnicity, language, sexuality, and skin tone as a ‘type’. 2) Identification: being identified with a certain group or groups, and being a member of an in-group gains self-esteem and confidence. 3) Comparison: comparing our groups with other groups, and favoring the group that we belong to (Tajfel & Turner, 1979). Social identity theory proposes that individuals are identified with groups to make positive individualism because being part of groups offers, identity (sense of who we are), and self-esteem.

However, identity is not fixed, and it is constantly moving. Identity can be altered due to interactions with others. One’s identity varies and changes depending on different contexts
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