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Three Ethical Systems Paper (WK2) Rosalie R King Ohio Christian University ET 3000 Ethics Dr. Wolfe March 25, 2013 We all have ethics that we follow even if we do not realize that we are following them. They are applied in the decisions we make in are day to day life and even the choices we make for our future. For many their ethics and morals are things that they learn through their upbringing and their life experiences. Others also apply their faith to their already instilled ethics and morals. In the paragraphs below I will be defining unqualified absolutism, conflicting absolutism, and graded absolutism and give examples of different scenarios involving all three ethical systems. Then finally I will conclude by identifying…show more content…
I know people of strong faith that tell a little white lie in order to protect others. This is one ethical system that I personal do not agree with. The system of conflicting absolutism states that moral laws cannot be avoided. It tells us that it maintains all moral absolutes and that there are no exceptions made (K, 2011). I find this to be untrue because I know that God has the power to change thing and he will always provide us a way out of situations. This ethical system basically tells us that it is our moral duty to choose the path of lesser evil. Most of our society is evil ultimate we live in an evil world and because of this conflict exists ("Three forms of,"). Under this ethical system if it came to lying to save someone’s life or tell the truth and have them die a person who uses this ethical way of think would make the choice to lie and save that person’s life because lying is doing the lesser evil. To me in this situation if I tell the truth and someone dies because of my decision then to me I had a part in killing them and that is worse than the lie I would have told in order to save their life. Under this system it is believe that we will be forgiven for choosing the less evil path. To me this ethical system is one that many people use when making the ethical decisions even though we all know that it is wrong to lie most people would never want to see anyone die. Finally we come to graded absolutism the text book defines it as

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