Three Ethnic Groups In Rwand Kinyarwanda

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Rwanda is mountainous, but they are dependent on agriculture for their economy. Most of the residents in Rwanda are actually farmers. The main consumptions that are domestic include yams and bananas, while coffee is their main export. Rwanda was separated into three ethnic groups: Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa for hundreds of years. The three ethnic groups shared many things, such as: Kinyarwanda, which is their language, culture, and customs. The ethnic division in 1994 was 1% Twa, 15% Tutsi, and 84% Hutu. The Rwandan President, Gregoire Keyibanda, wanted the Tutsi refugees to remove their power so the whole race will be gone. In the 1990s RPF forces invaded Rwanda. The members of "Hutu Power" took control of the government after the murder of the
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