Three Iii’S. Convict Ben, (34) Reads In His Daily Paper

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Three III’s

Convict Ben, (34) reads in his daily paper (September 2013) the plea of a young single mother, Grace, also (34) needing a kidney transplant to save her life. Due for release, he likes the idea starting his new life as an altruistic donor.

Grace finds out that Ben is a perfect match for a kidney via the newspaper and introduces them. They instantly hit it off, forming a bond despite Grace’s family warning her of his past, but she’s only interested in the future.

Ben is handsome and Grace’s friends tease her saying they should be together. However, he is married and for her it’s immoral, plus she’s just started a new relationship with Pete who she met online.

March 2014 – (six months later) the operation is a success, …show more content…

Grace decides she is healthy and wants to share her life with someone who deserves her and bravely goes back to online dating.

Meanwhile, Grace keeps an online blog/diary of her rollercoaster experiences of searching for love online. After some excruciating dates, Grace begins to wonder whether Plato’s idea of ‘the one’ exists but on the upside, her relationship with Beth is more established and a happy one.

Tinder,, even eHarmony offers many singles but no one appeals. Then a man on Tinder called Ben catches her eye. Ben? Oh my goodness, it’s Ben, her kidney donor! She swipes right as had he, but he had also ‘Super Liked’ her. They got back in touch hitting it off and talked about all the crappy things that had gone on in the past 15 months; including Ben’s divorce.

Admittedly, he tells her on their date that he just wants a shag. Ethics are mentioned to which she declines gracefully but they remain close and both are apologetic to how their partners were with each other.

That night she re-invents her dating profile. Within minutes of making a cup of tea, she receives a new message: A guy who goes by the name, MJD85. They’re a hit! Yet from all the recent, horrific dates Grace vowed to not meet a younger guy again. – MJD85 aka Matt, who’s six years younger turns out to be the son of the friend Grace nearly added as a friend whilst heading on holiday with Pete and whose Christmas photos she was lustily looking

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