Three Needs Theory Of Alibaba

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Jack Ma adopts David McClelland’s 3 Needs Theory. Need for achievement
Alibaba gives direction and provide feedbacks to their staff so that the employees can reach their potential. Therefore, this allows them to have a better idea of what they have done well which give them a sense of achievement.

Alibaba should give more challenging and new tasks that will enable them to fully perform their talent and potential. Thus, they would feel a sense of accomplishment once the tasks are achieved.

Need for Power
Alibaba needs their first-line managers to showcase their basic skills and practical supervision skills such as hiring the correct people and constructing effective teams for the company. This shows that the decisions made by the managers are essential to the company. Moreover, employees would have the opportunity to be promoted to
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Moreover, company should be direct to their employees when giving feedback and help them further their careers through constant motivation.

Need for Affiliation
Employees are encouraged to share with each other on the lessons learned from project and events through debriefing sessions.Company also reward employees through several different variable-pay programs. Employees have these stock as part of their benefit. This helps to retain employees and motivate employees to work harder. Moreover, company also provides educational forums so that staff can discuss and learn about different topics that interest them.

Alibaba should introduce more riskless project work for the staff which need more affiliation. As they are less willing to take risk, they would prefer stable and certainty task. Furthermore, they can interact with each other and build team spirit through the project. Hence, they are motivated to work which increase their productivity.

Jeff Bezos adopts David McClelland’s 3 Needs Theory. Need for
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