Timothy The Apostle

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Timothy was a young disciple of the apostle Paul. He was a man of God and a pastor of the

church of Ephesus. He was a Galation who's family lived in Lystra, his mother and

grandmother were faithful Jewish women who taught him the faith. What is so admirable

about Timothy was that he probably saw Paul being beaten and stoned in the streets

countless times, but it didn't stop Timothy from pursuing a discipleship with the great

Apostle. His journey was rough, filled with travel and hard work. He learned so much

knowledge about taking care of the church with Paul who taught him everything he knew

and was a great example to him his entire life. Paul looked at Timothy not only as a very

trustworthy friend, but also as a spiritual son. He guided Timothy, showing him how to speak
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Timothy took care of Paul more than

once while he was in prison or in a different city preaching the Gospel. He earned a

trustworthy position and also a place in God word as one of the great men we have as an

example to teach and show us how to be men and women of God. Most of the times in the

bible we see the main person, but we fail to see his trusted friends and companions who

served them so well and are just as important in the process as the main person in the story.

Timothy is one of those people in the story of Paul. If it wasn't for Timothy, Paul wouldn't

have been able to do most of the things he did for the kingdom of
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