Titanic David R Slavitt Analysis

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The speaker of the poem entitled “Titanic,” by David R. Slavitt does not appear to be upset to have died on the Titanic because of people died together, it was not just a single person dying: “To go down. . . We all go down, mostly / alone. But with crowds of people, friends, servants” (4-5). Likewise, dying on this ship made the people voyagers, like the speaker famous, “There will be books and movies / to remind our grandchildren who we were / and how we died, and give them a good cry” (8-10). Finally, freezing to death is one of the most peaceful and non-violent ways of natural dying, “Not so bad, after all. / The cold water is anesthetic and very quick” (11-12). Therefore, the speaker does not appear to be upset with dying aboard the Titanic
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