Title IX : Equality, Equality And Equality

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America, as many people understand, seeks for rights, equality and chances for both men and women. America is a place where you can do almost anything you want and be who you want to become. But before the Act of 1972, Title IX, women weren’t allowed to participate in any sporting events such as the Olympics and Wimbledon, and would have been classed as the weaker sex and as a woman who would stay at home, nurture their children, cook for the family and clean their home. Title IX, signed on June 23rd, 1972 by President Nixon, but went into full effect on July 1st, 1972, is a federal law that frowns upon discrimination and sexism towards women and gives them the chance to not feel different. Unfortunately, women today still fight for what is right to them, including having a less income than men and more sexual harassment cases towards women in sport.
This law wasn’t just for women, men were given opportunities for different sports that women took part in. But before 1972, just like how women weren’t allowed to compete in sporting events, boys didn’t do similar things to what women did, before 1972. Cheerleading is one of them. Cheerleading is debatable whether it is classed as a sport or not, for Title IX, but participants and supporters consider it as a sport. Title IX sees it as an activity or hobby, whereas with gymnastics, figure skating and diving, are scored based on how well the trick was executed. Boys in school, didn’t have home economics as a subject and was only

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