Tolerance in 'The Freedom Writers Diary'

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The Freedom Writers Diary Essay The Freedom Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell and her students show many great examples of the vast importance of tolerance. This novel is about one teacher who taught her students tolerance and knowledge. This novel even shares how to support tolerance and diversity. Tolerance is important to have in this world because without tolerance, there can be no peace
The Freedom Writers Diary shows how the students learn tolerance. In Diary 36, the student writes “’Why should I read books about people that don’t look like me? People that I don’t even know and that I’m not going to understand because they don’t understand me?’ I thought I was a smart-ass for asking her this question. I thought to myself, ‘She’s not …show more content…

The diary entry is primarily about her friend killing someone, and the wrong person getting accused. She saw the event and now has to testify, but is unsure whether or not she should tell the truth, or lie to protect her friend. Because of her memories and her mother’s words, she told the truth. The teachers can teach about the correlation of tolerance and peace. Tolerance helps to promote peace in many ways. In Diary 18, a student writes, “Brown, black, white, yellow,

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