Tools And Techniques Used For It Support

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Tools and Techniques used in IT support
Helpdesk software is a commonly used tool in IT support as it can speed up problem solving process. It allows for quick assignment of tasks, and easy task logging, the ability for users to raise issues easy, for the helpdesk staff to assign and complete tasks quickly, as well as the ability to see similar previous issues, and apply a known solution to the issue.

Antivirus Software is an essential tool, it provides protection against malicious code which can damage machines and steal data. Use of antivirus software can show which machines are the most vulnerable, as well as the types of attack as well as the source as to prevent future issues. VNC, Virtual network computing allows helpdesk …show more content…

Multimeters are used to identify the source of an electrical hardware issue, it can be used to see what part of a machine is damaged, and to check that the circuitry of the chipboard is allowing the correct flow of electricity. It can be used to ensure that a power supply is working correctly, by checking the voltages of each rail.

Toolkits contain tools such as screwdrivers, brushes, wirestrippers, plyers, allen keys and various other equipment that can be used to service a machine. These tools allow a technician to access a machine, and take it apart, as well as clean it if necessary.
Questioning is a very important technique as it allows the technician to identify the issue the user is having. It can also be used to figure out if the user is capable of fixing the issue themselves, as to speed up the troubleshooting process.

Use of fault logs is important as it can identify the issue that a machine is having, and point the technician directly to the cause. They are also useful as they can show a trend of common issues that a machine has.

Use of solutions database is important to a helpdesk, as it speeds up the troubleshooting process massively. This allows the technician to find out the fix for the issue from a list of similar or identical issues that have occurred in the past, removing the need for testing various fixes until one is found.
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